Exciting Opportunity through Monash University

There is an opportunity for interested parents to take part in a Parenting Resilient Kids Program – an evidence-based online parenting program developed by a team at Monash University to empower parents to parent their 8-11 year old child with confidence. The program provides parents with individually tailored feedback and a personalised package of modules for parents to learn strategies to help prevent depression and anxiety in their primary-school aged children. The program is supported by research evidence and international experts in the field and is based on Parenting Guidelines that were published in partnership with beyondblue and have been accessed by thousands of parents internationally.

Further information is available here:

Explanatory Statements


Linking Learning Final Survey

Click on the following link to access the linking learning services final survey: https://redcap.mcri.edu.au/surveys/?s=ETHPPFL38D

Services Survey 2017

Linking Learning is a Victorian Government program which aims to improve children’s learning. The program hopes to improve:

children’s language and literacy,

how services work together to support children,

and how services work with families

Bass Valley Primary School is participating in this program and to help the program to reach its goals, the Linking Learning team is surveying parents and caregivers about their attitudes and experiences. Participation in the survey is voluntary, if you would like to participate go to:



Lost Glasses

A pair of blue reading glasses have been lost by a student in the past week. Can parents please check that another student hasn’t accidentally taken them home with them?


Walk to School – exciting news


We will begin our ‘walk to school’ initiative this Wednesday. Buses will drop students off at the end of the walking track and students will be supervised by staff members as they walk along the new track to school. Breakfast will be provided to students on arrival to school.